Do you have public auto auctions?

Rawls holds a GSA Sale once a month, which the public is permitted to attend. For online bidding, public guests should register at least a week in advance to fill out the registration form, and get set up with online user access.


Brenda Howard
Tel: (803) 657-5111 Ext. 114

Sale Information:

Click Here to view the GSA Calendar

Click Here to view the GSA Presale List

Rules & Guidelines

Please review the special terms and conditions associated with GSA Sales by clicking the below link. 

GSA Terms and Conditions

Please note:

We do not accept credit card information by phone. Please call for the form.

The buyer is responsible for transporting the vehicle from the auction

The vehicle must be removed from the auction site no later than the Monday morning following the sale.

Pre-Sale Inspection Monday before the sales 10:30 - 3:30


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    Gary O Moore

    How can I get a registration form to bid on line for GSA vehicles?
    Gary O Moore

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