Trouble Logging In

To log in you must click the login link on the website.  This will take you to edge pipeline. Try to log in as the customer to see the error message they are getting. 

If there is a problem logging in through pipeline, check the customer auction access number.  

You would enter pipeline through the auction pipeline admin site or use this link

From there you would go to OPERATIONS to get their auction information.  Check to make sure the information is filled in and the government ID's match. If all the information is correct you may have to check their auction access.  Copy their auction access # and get the last 4 digits of their social security #.  You will then go to OPERATIONS and scroll down to auction access.  You may find that it says the customer is IA or cannot attend auction.  

If you find these problems you will have to slack the auction to reactivate the customer or find out if there are any outstanding issues with the customers account.  If the auction does not get back to you quickly get a phone number to call the customer back or offer to email them back as soon as you have te information you need.  


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